August 31, 2016

Brass Hindu Religious God Statue

We have large collection of Brass Hindu Religious God Statue which are  handmade by our Skilled craftsman for our Amazon customers.

Wholesale Buyer can buy these from us directly at bulk discounted prices which are shipped directly from from factory in India.

Brass Hindu God statues are handmade in the city of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh in India. These are traditionally made by artisans since centuries.

These artisans are doing all processes manually like casting, welding, buffing & finishing.

In addition to brass Hindu God Statues,   Buddha Statues, decoratives, brass handwares  & locks are also handmade in this city.

Hindu Religious God are  believed to be the CREATOR of the universe and many other Gods or Devas, to be their helpers. Different aspects of the Supreme God are worshiped, depending on the Hindu tradition. The other Gods, helpers of the Supreme God, are also worshiped. Gods in Hinduism are highly advanced spiritual beings, often represented in humanoid or partially humanoid forms.