March 27, 2017

Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers are decorative square shaped cushion cover made in cotton, satin and velvet fabric for home, hotel, offices & car decoration.

Wholesale Buyer can buy these from us directly at bulk discounted prices.

We can make your custom design with your printing and personalized embroidery.


Product Details

  • Decorative cushion cover, Ideal for home, hotel, office & car decoration
  • Size 40x40cm, with zipper closing
  • Fabrics - Velvet
  • with printing technique
  • Only cushion cover, insert not included.

Interested in buying

We offer  various options to our buyers so that they get best deals.

  1. 1. Retail buyer can buy from our Amazon shop in USA.
  2. 2. Wholesale bulk buyer can get delivery directly from our factory.
  3. 3. Customization is also possible for bulk buyers and designers.
  4. 4. Worldwide shipping for bulk buyers is made available at discounted shipping cost which we get from FEDEX.


Retail Buyer

Retail buyer in USA can directly buy from our Amazon shop

Bulk Buyer

Please write to us for getting discounted quote (please indicate quantity required)

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